Sunday, March 13, 2011

La Vida Nocturnal

The night life here is muy interesante. There are actually two very distinct bars, one is mainly for ticos. Oh I know I wasn’t clear about what I meant by tico’s in my previous post, Costa Ricans are known as “Ticos” for the usual –tico- they add after the end of every possible word, ‘un pocotico’, ‘delgatico’,’gordotico’ etc. And so that is the story behind “ticos”. Anyway where was I… Bar Amigos is the local bar, very lively, we usually try to get there before the cover charges. The music is mainly the latin version of every possible music you know. So our first Saturday I went out ‘dancing’ to find out that …Oh boy I really don’t know how to Salsa… That was one thing I forgot to prepare for. Yes folks, if you’re planning on coming down to Central America or any Spanish speaking country for that matter learn your salsa before coming. Especially guys, because ladies can get away with following- it doesn’t work the other way. The other bar is Mate Cana. This is the tourist spot, owned by gringos (foreigners/white people) , it has a more loungier feeling, and regular salsa classes on Thursdays. The one time we went I was surprised/ disappointed that the instructor was from England, forgive me but I wanted the real thing. Watching passionate couples dance away on the dance floor made me fall in love… yes I have found a burning passion to become a dancer here lol… I wanna learn it all; salsa, meringue, bachata, cumbia, swing and each week I learn something new. Best way to dance I’ve learnt is just say yes when a ‘tico’ comes and asks you to and just go with the flow ;)

Anécdota; Insects here are pretty bearable. There are none of those annoying mosquitoes. Except there are these small little black bugs that come and bite you and leave a small red spot that hurts and itches for days! Especially depending on where they bite you the pain differs. Other than that I have accepted the presence of insects as living creatures in this earth. NOT Scorpions though! I hate them! One night I was leaving to go out to Bar Amigos (typical Friday night routine) I found something black on my bedroom floor, ‘curious’ me I tried to move it aside to see if it was alive… not only was it alive it grabbed on to my foot, but I was too fast for it as I kicked it off. But then I didn’t know where it went so I had to stay another half an hour or so to hunt the scorpion down, I was not about to come home to a scorpion waiting for me… alas I found it under my bed. The bad thing was that I had to pay the cover charge at Bar amigos that night :/