Saturday, March 19, 2011

Estableciéndose ......Settling Down

I can’t believe it’s been like 6-7weeks since I have been here. Ahh time is going by super fast and it seems like I am updating this blog once per month… Do bear with me… The first week was the longest one and then pow two months have already gone by. A good week and a half after 50 minutes of walking to school and back I was like um… why not take the bus like any other regular person… so yes I haven’t been walking 1hr 40 mins every day. But hey, I still walk back, so I deserve partial credit for that. It was just too exhausting to walk soo much lol.

Spending more time with the same people makes you learn a lot about them and a lot about yourself and your flaws. I realized that I use ‘so’ more than necessary and this was pointed out to me while I was speaking Spanish, just to emphasize how much I use it. Another flaw that was pointed out to me was that I complained a lot, I feel like I complain unconsciously for no particular reason… so I have learnt to suck it up, which is really not hard here.

One of the funniest nights I had was when we had a sleep over at Patis’ house (super cool instructor). We were planning on watching the stars and ‘motor cycle diaries’ with no subtitles… instead we spent the whole night imitating each other and everyone at the institute and for anyone who knows me, I love making imitations. It gives me the freedom to show people how I perceive them without being offensive. Linn and Cally; our two musicians were playing their guitars, it was a super chill night and we had great pasta made by Allison and Natasha… with their special ingredient that worked astoundingly !

La rutina diaria: On the other hand life here has been super tranquilla, it involves a lot of going to cafes to use the internet and ‘trying’ to get work done, cooking, hanging out and a lot of field trips… I feel like Im in IB Geography again!!! Every weekend there is always something planned; nothing has been repetitive despite having the same class schedule each week.

Monteverde is blessed with artists. I’ve never seen such a high concentration of amazing artists in such a small place. Everyone seems to have a talent… I won’t lie marrying an artist and moving here has crossed my mind a few times, but my Spanish teacher from Spain from her own experience ;) told me to make sure that they could do more than just paint con sus manos (with their hands) … so I am still looking for my handy man lol. 

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