Thursday, February 10, 2011

Veragua Forest

Right before we were about to leave for Monteverde we went to the visit The Veragua Lowland Tropical Forest in Limón, the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. We went on the trams to the heart of the forest it was incredible. We saw a few interesting creatures whilst we were there, the strawberry frog, sloths and many types of birds. The guide was very entertaining to watch. You would not think he did this a couple of times during the day by the way he would get so ecstatic the second he saw a living creature. We learnt about all the medicinal qualities the rainforest has to offer and that there is yet so research to be done to learn about all the species that exist there. On the way back I learned the Costa Rican word for cool was “twanies” from the guide. It was from the first surfers who came to Costa Rica, who repeatedly used the word ‘too nice’ for everything they saw.

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