Thursday, February 10, 2011

Volcán Irazú

So the trips did not end there we also visited the Volcán Irazú, about 21 km North of Cartago. But it was so cloudy and rainy, as were our first few days in Costa :/, we were hardly able to make out the crater; I really didn’t know what I was looking at, or what part of the volcano I was standing at. We were experiencing a lot of rain since January is usually the transition month between the wet and dry season.  On a clear day though, one would be able to see the gorgeous turquoise lagoon in the crater pero… I'm there will be many more other oppertunities to see volcanoes here.  In the mean time we walked around exploring all the wild faunas that were growing on the fertile volcanic soils. Not as exciting as watching a volcano erupt or a lagoon but all the while still important.

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